The 2nd #verticalRUN night is ready to accept 50 runners who want to enjoy the dark paths of Koryuvos with the help of their lens!

The 2nd #verticalRUN night will take place on Saturday, November 17, from the kiosk next to Enstron of Koryubovo! The numbers will be collected by the secretariat from 18:00 to 18:50 (to be strictly adhered to).

All runners will be taken to the organizing bus’s starting line. The runners will start the race all together from the Panorama Pavilion at 19:30, followed by the marked montages in the regional forest that will lead them to the “classic” course of #verticalRUN of the 1.100m vertical climb!

In the Enstron of Koryuvou, where the runners will finish, there is a café-bar overlooking the city of Drama and a playground for our little friends!

Read the regulations below:



The cost of participation is 10euro for each runner and includes a booster race, a tonic drink and a runner’s meal at the finish. The amount must be paid directly with your registration by filling out the form below. If payments exceed 50 before they are confirmed and completed, the extras will be canceled and the money will be refunded!

Registrations will remain open until 19/10/2018 unless the number of 50 runners is completed earlier!

On the day of the race, there will be no registration / payment.

Each runner is responsible for his medical check-up and good physical health! The organization is not responsible for any accidents and injuries.

There will be no personal belongings and everyone is responsible for their equipment!

There will be no feedstocks except for termination!

Cancel registration and refund only during registrations. No money is returned after their closure!



Commemorative prizes & prizes are given to each runner at the finish. If you do not show up in the race, you lose the right to receive them.



LENS! (unless you have night vision)



There will only be one winner per sheet (male / female) regardless of age. The first man and the first woman will receive a unique prize of the 2nd night #verticalRUN.

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