On the tops of Voras mountain (Kaimaktsalan), a new mountain running race, VorasTrailRace – VTR, will be held this year. The mountain range of Voras, on the border of Pella with FYROM, is the third highest mountain in Greece with a peak of Pr. Elia at 2524m. Its history is rich due to the battles that were given during the First World War and after the Civil War with their strong marks on the mountain until today (monuments, remnants of military chariots, ball caps, shells), something which athletes will be able to experience during their attempt. The main feature of this new race will be the movement exclusively in alpine terrain and high altitude (lower altitude 2050m at start), while most of the route will “hit” on the border with FYROM along the ridge of Voras, crossing its 4 highest peaks. Specifically, the race will have a length of approximately 25km and a + 1500m altitude difference, and the route will have a common return-start (Al-Retour) starting and stopping at the Ski Center of Vora-Kaimaktsalan (altitude 2050m) . Initially, the race will move uphill for about 3km to the highest peak of Pr. Elya (2524m), where is also the characteristic Serbian chapel. From there, the route travels NE along the ridge passing through the columns and pyramids of the border, meeting the Koutsoubei (2447m), Aspros Svolos (2370m) and finally Dionis (2156m), where the reversal will return to the same path. In general, the terrain field has good traceability and has no objective difficulties or dangerous passages. High altitude will be the determining factor of difficulty for athletes, both due to the increased stress created by the reduced oxygen content and unpredictable weather events requiring experience. For this reason the event has decided for participants to have their previous participation in at least one race running at altitude greater than 2000m as well as a recent medical certificate of good health. The date of the VorasTrailRace – VTR is set on Sunday September 30, 2018. As an event, we hope to create a sporting event that will offer a genuine “mountainous” insight to the athletes who will honor us with their participation. More details on the route (height metric profile, trail map), catering, cost, and the date will open registrations will be posted in the next announcement. Until then, follow us at Fb @VorasTrailRace ( where you can contact us for any information.For the organization of VorasTrailRace – VTRStair HassapidisPanagiotis Gouberis

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