For the tenth year, the Water Road – WaterTrailRun2019 mountain course is being held in Kavala as part of the WoodWaterWild festival festival of outdoor activities / outdoors activities. The name of the race is due to the fact that most of the route is on the historic “Water Road”, a construction project that has been watering the city of Kavala since the Roman period and includes stone-built bridges and the famous city aqueduct with its 60 arches . An important part of the route is also the beautiful Environmental Path of Old Kavala.

Date: Saturday 22 June 2019
Time: 17: 00
Starting point: Central Square of Kavala
Termination: Palias Kavala Square
Distance: 19 km
Time Limit: 4 hours
Yps. Ascension: 1.135m
Yps. Depth: 732m
Yps. Difference: 1.917m
Entry fee: 15 €
The route
The race starts at the central square of the city of Kavala (Eleftherias Square), right at the altitude of the sea. Initially, the route follows the asphalt road (Venizelos, Kountouriotou), relatively low, passing about 400m in front of the Kamares (old aqueduct). From that point on and for the next 600m, the road is rapidly gaining altitude until it reaches the church of Timios Stavros, where for the remaining 0.5 km of asphalt road it ascends with a much milder slope.

First we meet the church of Agios Konstantinos and the dirt road begins immediately. It is a particularly rocky part of the route that leaves the last houses of the city and starts climbing up the hill leading to the stone bridges of the route. We pass the big bridge, with the slope abruptly increasing, until we reach 5km where we find the 1st waterbed. He continues the path with an uphill call for a kilometer through a lush area of ​​bushes and coniferous trees that give us extra breaths in their shade to come to the “water mana” position. One kilometer after and in particular at about 9 km, we meet the 2oest water supply-supply. Then, after taking the altitude of the route to “Nehna” (Height 455m-KM: 10), which is the point that marks the beginning of the downhill course, where there will be the 3rd waterbed. We begin to discern to the left the Philippi plain, having Paggaio on his left and Falakro on his right. Moving to the left of the Old Kavala stream and losing height at a fast pace between bushy main vegetation, we find after about 3.5 kilometers the 4th block, at the lowest point of the route since we left Kavala (Height 130m-KM: 13.7). At this point there will be a “cutter” for those athletes who exceed the 3-hour limit. Having the last part of the race (6km) in front of us, we leave the soil very slowly (300m of asphalt), we pass through the abandoned quarry and start our big, final rise. Entering the Environmental Path of Old Kavala, allied to the shadow of the huge trees and the coolness of the water, we climb to an altitude (Height360m-KM: 17.4). As soon as we meet the traditional Watermill where there is also the 5th waterpump, we continue towards the northwest exit of the path and we see the first houses of the village, where 1,650m are left on an asphalt road to finish at Palaia Kavala square (Height.365m-KM : 19.7).

Match rules
TIME & PLACE OF THE RACE: The “Water Road” will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2019, starting at 17:00. The starting point of the match is in the central square of the city of Kavala (Plateia Eleftherias) and the ending in the square of the village of Old Kavala.
ORGANIZATION: The event is organized by the Association of Old Kavala, within the framework of the 11th Wood Water Wild festival.
COMPETITION COMMITTEE: Responsible for the organization and conduct of the match and responsible for the results, penalties and protests is the PA. of the Association of Old Kavala
APPLICATION FORM: The application form will only be made electronically on the web site of the from the time of the announcement of this announcement until Monday, May 27, 2019. We would like to inform you that the electronic registration is not binding for the event only if the athlete the fee of 15 euros in the account of GR59 0171 0610 0060 6113 8201 822, Piraeus Bank, until Monday, 27 May 2019.


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