“Winter Enepeas” takes place on the second Sunday of December. The course of the race extends 22.5 kilometers, of which 19 are in paths, with a positive altitude difference of 1650 meters. The time limit for completing the effort is 5 hours. The athlete’s supply is limited to two stations, approximately midway to Monastiri (11.5km) and about 18km to Zilnia.


The race’s course starts and ends at the open theater in Litochoro Park. The minimum altitude of the route is 235 meters and the maximum is 1,041. Most of the route (85%) consists of paths, while the rest is shared on cement road and asphalt. From the 9th event, the “left-handed” route was officially established as the route of the race: Litochoro Park – Myli – Agii Apostoli – Golana – Kastana – Agios Spyleios – Monastery – Zilnia – Myli – Litochoro Park.



Men and women who have reached the age of 18 and have ended at least one mountain match in the last 3 years (current & two previous) with at least 14km with 500 positive altitude. Each athlete is responsible for the medical check-up of his / her health. No athletes who have previously committed serious misconduct of unsportsmanlike conduct are not eligible. The winner and winner of the previous event are entitled to their free participation in the present honorable prize.



Registrations, which will start at 20.00. on Wednesday, 3 October and will end at 20.00. on Friday 23 November, will take place via the Internet. Payment of the participation fee of € 20 is only possible by charging a credit, debit or prepaid card from the website of the event. Each application will be reviewed at the latest within three days from the date of submission, the time it takes for the applicant to appear on the list of participants. False requests regarding the eligibility criteria or applications that will not declare a mountain match as a criterion will be rejected and the amount of participation will not be refunded.

The race will be picked up on the eve of the race, Saturday 8/12, 16: 00-21: 00 and on the day of the race, Sunday 19/12 and 08: 00-09: 30 from the secretariat , from the starting point of the Municipal Theater to the park of Litohoro. Receipt of numbers requires the presentation of an official card certifying the identity of the athlete.



The cost of participation is € 20 and each athlete is entitled to: two-station catering, race number, medal (those who finish within 5 hours), electronic timing, accident insurance, lunch at the end of the match, first aid support and organizing gift.



In case of participation cancellation until November 23, the amount of 15 € (fifteen) will be refunded. From November 24 onwards, the amount of participation will not be refunded. It is not acceptable to replace a position from another athlete.



The event takes place at two places, one in the middle of the route, at the Monastery of Agios Dionysios (gel to be opened and consumed on the spot, electrolyte, snacks) and at Zilnia at 18 km (water, electrolyte, snacks). In addition, chicken soup, fruit and sweet are offered at the finish for all athletes.



The time limit of the match is set at 5 (five) hours, with an exclusion limit of only 2:45 hours at the unique race station (Monastery). The limit is common for men and women and for all ages. Those athletes who have passed out of the exclusion point are obliged to hand over their number to the station managers and continue on foot towards the finish.



No mandatory equipment is required from athletes, but it is recommended to carry minimal survival equipment, such as waterproof jacket, hemostatic, emergency food, cup (no cups at the Support Station) and water tank. The alumina bag, as well as garment accessories such as gloves and caps, are recommended to those athletes who feel that this would provide them with added safety and comfort during their efforts. Weather conditions in December may be extreme due to season. For this reason it is advisable for athletes to take special care of their clothing. The use of walking sticks is forbidden, for reasons of safety of athletes from unintentional injuries.



Commemorative prizes are given a) to the first three men winners, b) to the first three women winners of the match, c) to their first three winners,

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