X-WATERS Malta 2022 is the round of the X-WATERS World Championship 2022.

Malta is an archipelago, which consists of three islands: Gozo, Comino and Malta. We will swim between all three.

These straits were visited by the ships of Ulysses, Napoleon and Lord Nelson, trading caravans and military flotilla of Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Spaniards, Normans, submarines of the Third Reich and destroyers of allies. Many ships can still be seen at the bottom.

The water at the rocky shores is famous for its transparency, in good weather visibility reaches 50 meters! Throughout years, Malta has been one of the top destinations for diving in Europe.

The expected water temperature in October is- 20-23 C. It sounds like an ideal place for swimming, but do not forget that there is- an open sea around which means that currents, winds and waves are quite capable of making our challenge more interesting. You have to practice to cope with this challenge!

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the distance
Kids swim 100 m and 200 m
Participants swim to the buoy, pass the buoy on the left (the buoy should appear on your right) and swim toward the shore. Start and finish are in the same place at Hola Bay beach.1000 m
Participants will start at Hola Bay beach from the starting camp. They will move in a triangle passing buoys on the left (the buoy should appear on your right). Start and finish are in the same place.2300 m
Participants gather in the starting camp at the Hola Bay beach. Then the boats will bring them to the start location on Comino island. They start from the beach. After the start, the participants move towards the finish line. Finish on Hola Bay beach.6000 m
Participants gather in the starting camp at the Hola Bay beach. Then the boats will bring them to the start location on Gozo island. They start from the beach. After the start, the participants move towards Comino island, go around the island on the left side and swim towards the finish line. Finish on Hola Bay beach.

Swim around Comino Island.
The swim won`t be a race. The length of the whole circle around the island is 8 km and all of them last in the territory of a natural marine reserve. The track will be parted into 2 km long pieces with small breaks. During that breaks we will have lunch, visit some caves and locations, where “Troy” was filmed. These places pretend to be the most picturesque and amazing swim spots in the Mediterranean Sea. You can match Round Comino swim with every distance of X-WATERS Malta (don`t forget to count your own strength! You will have 1 or 2 days to recover before your race)
There is an additional requirement – all participants must swim 2 km no longer than 50 minutes. Participants who swim slower than 50 minutes for 2 km will be taken to boats.


Admit it, you were just waiting for a reason to go to Malta?!

The history of Malta- is the history of Europe. All the major events taking place in the Mediterranean region in the last 10 thousand years have somehow affected Malta and left their mark here. Local megaliths are older than the Egyptian pyramids, and the local language is not clear to anyone else.

The capital of Malta, Valletta, is entirely included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. On the island of Gozo (where our 6 km swim starts) Ulysses spent seven years in the company of nymph Calypso, and on the island of Comino (where our 2.3 km swim starts), they filmed Troy. The scenes of Gladiator, Da Vinci Code, and, by the way, Game of Thrones; were shot nearby.

The Maltese Order of Knights, the- oldest in the world,- start their history from the first crusade, they have the status of an extraterritorial entity, issue their own passports and currency.

Luxurious sea, snow-white rocks, ancient history, warm autumn, and now a great swim, what else to expect? We do not promise you to get an order, but you can earn your own Maltese medal on October 17 & 18!


October 12, Wednesday
Expo in the official swim` hotel, registration and retting starter`s packages, briefing for Round Comino participants

October 13, Thursday
7 am – start of Round Comino swim. Because of the early start we will have a chance to see the beauty of the island without tourists and excursion boats.

October 14, Friday
Morning/ Noon – Sightseeing tour (a trip to the Gozo island)
Evening – registration for all the distances and getting starter`s packages, EXPO, Pasta party (special offer)

October 15, Saturday
Morning – Sightseeing tour (Maltisian knighthood ceremony)
15:00 – X-KIDS swims
16:00 – start for 1 km distance for beginner swimmers and swimmers who want to warm up before the Sunday races

October 16, Sunday
Morning – starts for long distances: Gozo-Malta (6 km) and Comino – Malta (2 km). The exact schedule will be in September 2022.
Noon/ Evening – rewarding and final banquet (special offer)

October 17, Monday
For those, who decide to stay longer and celebrate – excursion to Mdina, the ancient capital of Malta, and wine cellars of Saint Ioann knights

We will show a detailed schedule closer to the start.


New great hotel, where the swim will take place: Labranda Rivera Hotel & Spa 4*: . We expect some special offers for our participants.

• One can use public transport (Bus) to get to the location. One can check the route using the Tallinja App that can be downloaded for free. If you are using the bus, please make sure you check the correct times and you make your way early. Busses in Malta are not very punctual.
• Many Taxi companies are also available on the island and are all reliable. Charges differ depending on the company.
• One can also use private transport. There is plenty of parking space in the area.


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