XTERRA is a large, international sports brand, behind which major Mountain Triathlon, Mountain Running and Offshore Swimming events are held all over the world, with a special color and culture of action in nature.

The Open Sea is a great sporting ground to showcase the talent of swimming, in addition to swimming pools, in a land where the sea is its element! XTERRA Greece, fully embraces the quote: “Greece is not dry .. it is a sea that embraces the land!”

The great XTERRA Greece swimming event is the last summer swimmer meeting at sea every year and takes place at the beginning of November, on the beach of the coastline of the southern suburbs of Attica. This year, for the second year running, the start and finish will take place at the Yabanaki Beach Resort!

The XTERRA Greece swimming event, launched in 2013, gave the swimming events a new dimension, making it today the top swimming event of the year, a benchmark for athletes from every corner of Greece and abroad.


Those who have reached the age of 18 and have a proven (medically) good physical condition are eligible to participate. Participants under 18 years of age will require the signature consent of their parent / guardian. Minors under 16 years old are only allowed to compete in the 1000m distance or in the children’s race.

– 100 & 200 METERS KIDS RACE
– 1,000 METERS
– 2,500 METERS
– 5,000 METERS


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