The route starts from the 1050m altitude, the Tsepelovo High School. It crosses for 300m the village square and continues with the steep uphill of Skala Tsepelovo, where the runners will be at the finish line again. (2km + 290m positive altitude and altitude 1340m). For the next 3,300m, we continue on an almost downhill route (-270m) and reach the village of Kapesovo (water supply & Checkpoint). The race continues with a steep descent for 2,300m at a negative altitude (-420m), a purely technical route, to meet the old route at 7.5km now entering the Vikos Gorge! The route develops in the Gorge, with small alternations of slopes (uphill-downhill) up to 12km, where we meet the place “Klima” and the 1st refueling station, at an altitude of 607m, ascent 489m, descent 930m. We continue in the same pattern until we reach the springs of Voidomatis (water supply & Checkpoint) at 19km longer than the race (altitude 483m, ascent 586m, descent 1140m). From there, the steep ascent begins until we reach Megalo Papigo (23km), where we meet the 2nd gas station (central), for a good breath before the continuation. (altitude 933m, ascent 1100m, descent 1200m). We pass through Mikro Papigo and the route continues uphill for 5.5km, to the shelter Astrakas (30km), where the 3rd refueling station is located, at 1920m altitude, + 1900m positive altitude. at the shelter, technical downhill starts for about 1.5km and then we go up again to Lake Robozi, 33.2km (4th refueling station), at 2030m altitude, which is the highest point of the race and positive altitude 2150m. We continue downhill now, with small alternations of slopes up to 38km, position “Kruna”, where we will cool off from the natural spring water that exists there. The route for the next 2.5km has a small change of altitude (+140), until we reach 40km now and in the position “Avgerinos” (5th refueling station), at 1750m altitude and positive altitude 2560m. We continue for the last 4.5km, all downhill, with Checkpoint before Skala Tsepelovo, from where the reverse (downhill now) route of the beginning of the race begins, to finally finish at Tsepelovo High School.


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