You will start in the dark with your head light.
You will climb 1200m in 3km to the first day light.
You will encounter your strength in the highest “sky-road” of Greece, in the narrow peaks of Olympus mountain. Your guide will be ZEUS

Participation solo
93% sentiers / 5% pistes / 2% routes
Challenge N/A
Championship N/A
Number of participants 120
Opening of registration 30 March 2018
Closure of registration 30 June 2018
Registration fees
25 eurro
Registration possible in situ No
Date and time of start 5 August 2018 05:00
Location of start Platanodasos (Greece)
Location of finish (Greece)
Distance 40.8km (25.4miles)
Ascent 3680m
Descent 3680m
Refreshment points 5
Maximum time 12:00


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