35th Vartzakeios Street

2/4/2023 The Piraeus Health Runners Association in collaboration with the Attica Region - Piraeus Regional Unit and the Culture - Sports & Youth Organization of the Municipality of Piraeus organize the 35th VARTZAKIO Road Race, on Sunday, April 2, 2023. The relevant announcement will follow.  

3rd FALANI RUN 2023

28/5/2023 The Association of Runners of Falani, in collaboration with the Municipality of Larissa, the support of the Region of Thessaly (Regional Unit of Larissa), the Association of Volunteer Blood Donors of Falani, the Association of Marathon Runners of Larissa, the Schools of Falani and the

3rd Thrace Night Run 2023

22/4/2023 Saturday 22/4/2023... We light up Alexandroupolis with the 3rd Thrace Night Race!... Stay Tuned!

3rd Vasiliki Lefkada Mountain Race 2023

20-21/5/2023 ANNOUNCEMENT TWO DAYS OF COMPETITIONS 3rd VASILIKI LEFKADA ROAD & MOUNTAIN RACE 20-21 May 2023 in Vasiliki Lefkada ORGANIZATION The Association of Tourism Professionals of Vasiliki Lefkada announces the 3rd VASILIKI LEFKADA ROAD & MOUNTAIN RACE
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Ionian Island

4th Naturalist Amnios Road Race

16/7/2022 Rethymno Runners Registrations:

5th Park Race “Night Routes” 2023

24/06/2023 The Athletic Cultural Association "ATHENIAN RUNNERS", in co-organization with the Attica Region, and in the context of the events for the promotion of the beautiful park "PEDION AREOS", announces the 4th Park Race "Night Routes"  5 km on the evening of Saturday 24 June 2023,

5th Road Race I Run / Discover Irakleia 2023

25/6/2023 We would like to announce the date of the 5th race "I RUN / DISCOVER IRAKLEIA" which is scheduled for Friday, June 25, 2023 organized in IRAKLEIA CYCLADES by the Association of Irakleianians in Athens.. You will soon be informed with a new announcement about
Aegean Island

6th Olympic Day Run 2023

02/04/2023   Record high of registrations at the 6th ''Olympic Day Run'' Greece The lure is great… Olympians, Paralympians, distinguished athletes, active citizens from every corner of the country will be on the same starting line! They set an appointment on April 2nd in Thessaloniki, for
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6th Plastirios Road Race 2023

23/4/2023 The Municipality of Karditsa announces a 10km, 5km and 1000m road race for children named "Street Road". The race will take place on Sunday, April 23 with different starting points but a common finishing spot being the central Karditsa Square. This is an initiative of
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6th Road Karathonas – Arvanitias 2023

2/07/2023 The Association of Marathon Runners & Runners of Argolida, Member of the Hellenic Federation of Popular, Mass Sports - Long Distance Associations organizes: Sunday 2-07-2023 6th Road Karathonas - Arvanitias, 10.5 km race in Nafplion, mixed route. An announcement will be announced soon. For the

7th Crete Marathon 2023

7/5/2023 Announcement of the date of the 7th Crete Marathon 2023 The Association of Health Runners of Chania (SDYH) announces that the 7th Crete Marathon will be held in Chania on Sunday 7 May 2023. The event includes four road races: - the Marathon Road, -

7th No Finish Line Athens 2023

17/05/2022 No Finish Line Athens: Charity struggle of love and offering for the Union "Together for the Child" The No Finish Line is the world's largest charity race in offer, participation and duration, aiming to support thousands of children in need. NFL Athens is the leading