Corfu Mountain Trail 2021

08/05/2021 The 8th Mountain Running Race with the name: "CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL 2021" will be held Saturday,  2nd of May 2020 with the opening of the tourist season at the request of our sponsors one week after Easter as well as this year's established sails. The
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Ionian Island

Frozen Peaks 2021

9/05/2021 FROZEN PEAKS PANORAMA - PANORAMA: 261,210 km D + 11,636 m HIGHLAND - HIGHWAY: 92,850 km D + 4,738 m HEROES - HEROES: 46,710 km D + 1992 m LISSE - LISSE: 15 km D + 223 m D- 256 m More details soon!
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Gentiki Trail 2021

21/02/2021 Gentiki Trail 20km Start time 10:00 ROUTE: The race course follows a marked path. The distance is 20 km and the positive altitude + 1370m. GARMIN MAP 20KM STRAVA 20KM MAP REGISTRATIONS: Enrollments will be made electronically at the link below. REGISTRATION LIMIT: 250 PARTICIPANTS
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Hydra’s Trail Event 2021

11/4/2021 "HYDRA'S TRAIL EVENT - RUNNING RACE" is now a fact and promises to deliver intensity and plenty of action. Out of the five routes, the race is named "Eros mountain trail", a 26.3km positive altitude 1,400m, while the original of the two-day race is the
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Attica, Peloponnese

7th Lycabettus Run 2021

28/2/2021 For the 1st time, you can participate in the Lycabettus Run, from anywhere! Learn more about the virtual race here! The 7th Lycabettus Run, the popular running event that combines the beauties of the natural landscape of Lycabettus with exercise, returns for the 7th year
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Ultra Trail Lower Olympus 2021

28/3/2021 UTLO is a Medium Ultra 70-km / 4200+ Mountain Race in the Lower Olympos area. It was created to complete our work in becoming an athlete and alternative destination. More: Regarding, Thomas Pantazis Olympus Trail Running Team Email: For this race we are
Macedonia, Thessaly

Zagori Mountain Running 2021

24/7/2021 Zagori Mountain Running, the most crowded mountain racing event in Greece, and one of the most demanding and impressive routes for Ultra Runners in Europe, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020 and this anniversary will be a big celebration with many surprises and
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