Rapsani Trail 2020

22/11/2020 Rapsani is located at the foot of Lower Olympus, at an altitude of 500 meters from the sea, above the picturesque valley of Tempi, with panoramic views of the Aegean Sea. It was named after the Arvanite word rape (j) a, meaning soft rock. The
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Ultra Trail Lower Olympus 2021

28/3/2021 UTLO is a Medium Ultra 70-km / 4200+ Mountain Race in the Lower Olympos area. It was created to complete our work in becoming an athlete and alternative destination. More: Regarding, Thomas Pantazis Olympus Trail Running Team Email: For this race we are
Macedonia, Thessaly

Zagori Mountain Running 2021

24/7/2021 Zagori Mountain Running, the most crowded mountain racing event in Greece, and one of the most demanding and impressive routes for Ultra Runners in Europe, will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2020 and this anniversary will be a big celebration with many surprises and
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Paikos Half Marathon 2020

1/11/2020 The 8th SEMI-MARATHON PAIKOS will be held in Mount Paiko, Kilkis Prefecture. The fight this year will be dedicated to the struggle of the people of the area to protect the waters of Paikos. The creation of 18 "small" hydroelectric stations in the streams of
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