Tihio Race 2021

14/5/2021 Description MARATHON 53KM - WOLF'S RACE 20KM RACE  10KM RACE  30KM RACE  All details of Tihio Race events:
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Central Greece

Vidra’s Trail 2021

11/7/2021 On Sunday, July 11, 2021, the 3ndVidra’sTrail- 3rd Mountain Running Race will be held on the Otra Trail. Details are expected

Naoussa – Vermio Trail Race 2021

12/9/2021 Not only is the 1st Seli Mountain Running of August that is of great interest to runners and nature lovers, to the enchanting landscapes of the Seli Forest.
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Santorini Experience 2021

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Aegean Island

Οn the “Paths of Arcadian Shepherds” 2021

12-9-2021 On Sunday, September 12, the race In the paths of the "Arcadian Shepherds" will be held in Valtesiniko, Arcadia. The following is the announcement of the event: On the morning of Sunday, September 12, 2021, at the VALTESINIKO OF THE MUNICIPALITY OF GORTINIA, the 10th
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AlpamayoPro TrailRace 2021

10/10/2021 Welcome to Skyrunning.  Welcome to ALPAMAYO PRO TrailRace. The historic and most challenging mountain running of Attica is dynamically in its second decade with the 12th in a row. On his journeys you will experience the experience and the climate of a real fight with
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Chortiatis Trail Run 2021

25/7/2021 On July 25th, 2021 will be held for the 10th consecutive year with the support of the Municipality of Pylaia Chortiatis, a mountain running race in Chortiatis Thessaloniki dedicated to protecting the mountain from human interference (Antennas, hunters, illegal hunting, all illegal). . At the
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Corfu Mountain Trail 2021

08/05/2021 The 8th Mountain Running Race with the name: "CORFU MOUNTAIN TRAIL 2021" will be held Saturday,  2nd of May 2020 with the opening of the tourist season at the request of our sponsors one week after Easter as well as this year's established sails. The
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Ionian Island

Frozen Peaks 2021

9/05/2021 FROZEN PEAKS PANORAMA - PANORAMA: 261,210 km D + 11,636 m HIGHLAND - HIGHWAY: 92,850 km D + 4,738 m HEROES - HEROES: 46,710 km D + 1992 m LISSE - LISSE: 15 km D + 223 m D- 256 m More details soon!
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Hydra’s Trail Event 2021

29-30/5/2021 "HYDRA'S TRAIL EVENT - RUNNING RACE" is now a fact and promises to deliver intensity and plenty of action. Out of the five routes, the race is named "Eros mountain trail", a 26.3km positive altitude 1,400m, while the original of the two-day race is the
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Attica, Peloponnese

Lailias Mountain Running 2021

9/5/2021 The mountain running club "Lailias Mountain Running" announces the organization of the 5th race "Lailias Mountain Running" which will take place on Sunday, May 9, 2021. This year's race becomes even more exciting since in addition to the two already known routes of 27Km and
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Macedonia, Thrace

Rogkas 2021

25/4/2021 "After a constant reversal of epidemiological data in recent times, it is now becoming clear that internal movements in the country will not be allowed until April 4, the date of the current implementation of this year Roga, after its second postponement. The organization therefore
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