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Silver Club Benefits

Your Silver Club Benefits are yours for 1 year! Buy your package today and enjoy athletic benefits like never before! Come back as your benefits will get enriched every day!!!

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Upon the completion of the medical examinations which are included in the health benefits package and not before the doctor’s exams evaluation, the medical certificate will be issued by the doctor and will  be valid for one year!

It remains the doctor’s right to ask for further examination in case he or she decides that this is important, in order to issue the medical certificate!

Get the Silver Benefits package from and receive from our Health partner Vioiatriki all the exams above which may be completed in 1 year’s time

– General blood test
– Fe-Iron
– Ferritin
– Folic acid
– Creatinine
– Total Protein
– γ-GT
– Na-Sodium
– Magnesium
– Ca-Calcium
– Cortisol (F)
– Vitamin D
– Electrocardiogram
– Cardiac stress test
– Cardio examination

As a Silver member you will be enjoying the nutritional services below:

  • Βody composition analysis
  • Lipometry
  • Measurement of cardiopulmonary capacity (VO2 max test)
  • Body composition analysis using TANITA

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