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**Οι τιμές βασίζονται στην πιο οικονομική τιμή που βρέθηκε για τον κάθε αγώνα.  Αυτή μπορεί να είναι η τιμή έγκαιρης εγγραφής, τιμή εγγραφής για την μικρότερη απόσταση κλπ**
**Prices are based on the lowest price found for each race. This could be early bird price, smallest distance price, etc*.

8th Road Race on the trails of the Saint Paul 2024

22/6/2024 The "Trails of the Saint Paul" race announces: "We are pleased to announce that as the day of the 6th Paul Apostle Road Race Day is set for Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Half Marathon of Serres 2023

1/10/2023 EAS SEGAS Eastern Macedonia - Thrace in collaboration with the Association of Marathon Runners of Serres, announces and organizes a Half Marathon, with the name "Half Marathon of Serres" with the following terms: 1. PLACE: Serres 2. ROUTE DETAILS: HALF MARATHON Start time 09:00 STARTING-END:

South Olympus Forest Trail 2023

14/10/2023 And the name of it: South Olympus Forest Trail! 58km +2700m ascent. Yes, another new race someone will say and I'm not doing it wrong, the races now outnumber the athletes, and that's a good thing in my opinion. It would be another race if

Xeskouriazo Trail Race 2023

1/10/2023 The 9th 24km Mountain Running Race "Xeskouriazo" will be held on October 1, 2023 on Mount Kakavos in Megali Panagia, Halkidiki. At a time when the environment is being sacrificed more and more, we choose to dedicate this fight to environmental claims and the fight

Zizathlos 2023

19/11/2023 The Syzathlou Mountain Race is being organized in Thessaloniki by the Syzohi Association (Parents' Association of Visually Impaired & Additional Disabilities). This is a great mountain race with three 27km, 15km and 5km routes for different requirements. The aim of the race is once again

11th International Thessaloniki Night Half Marathon 2023

21/10/2023 On October 21, 2023 the 11th International Night Half Marathon of Thessaloniki will be held. Soon the announcement and the opening of registrations on the site of the race
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