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11-12/4/2020 The first sporting event of the island for 2020
Aegean Island

Tyros Run 2020

9-10/5/2020 On May 9-10 May 2020, racers, swimmers and friends

Methana Volcano Challenge 2020

9/5/2020 Registrations are now open for the 1st Methana Volcano

Belgrade Marathon 2020

18/10/2020 Competition Rules Competition name: The 33rd Belgrade Marathon. Organisation:

RaceFinder Vrtl Challenge

Something new has come and is presenting it first!
Aegean Island, Attica, Central Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Epirus, Ionian Island, Macedonia, Peloponnese, Thessaly, Thrace

The Bridge Experience 2020

30-31/5/2020 The unique race that takes place over and under

Chaniathlon 2020

3/5/2020 TRIATHLON RACE Start time 8.00 PLACE: Agioi Apostoloi Chania

5th Sperchios Half Marathon 2020

30/05/2020 PRESS RELEASE Subject: Setting date for the 5th Athanasios
Central Greece

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