A sophisticated registrations' system

Registrations are easily handled by the most sophisticated system! All registrations and money easily at hand, without spending endless hours or a bunch of money. We are here not just to provide the easiest way to manage all kind of registrations, but also a fully customized system, according to each organizer´s unique needs.

We know that you need to know the pricing!

The best thing about all these, is… the price! From only €0,90/ registration, you will have all the registrations in hand, easily and hassle free!

Marketing Services

Let us do the marketing! We have more than 10.000 registered RaceFinder users, more than 10.000 likes in our FB page. All at your services!

Marketing is easy, when handled by the ones who have the knowledge. We have the knowledge, the resources and the means to market all kind of events!

Money is not an issue!

You know why? Because, you can have it for free, if you are using our registrations’ system! That’s only fair. Don’t you think?

Organization of events

Do you want to organize an event and you don’t know where to start from? We are here to help you out! RaceFinder is able to take over the whole event from the scratch and make it huge, for you! We offer our services to public sector bodies, companies, individuals etc.

Experience vs Knowledge

Should knowledge and experience co-exist, you have the recipe for the most successful event!  That’s exactly our way of thinking and we have them both!


It's how good you want to be...

Do you need your people to be trained on customer service, or on certain needs on how they are expected to work on certain occasions? When it comes to soft skills, we are here for you!

In RF we are able to take over all your training needs. Sometimes a good training for your people is all you need to excel! 

So, even if you feel like you already have all the knowledge and the experience you need, for sure, you don’t have enough time to pass them over to your team

Leave this to us!

Virtual Races

Do you believe in VR?

A year ago we were all skeptical. Now, we know how to do it and how to make it right! With live results and live ranking, you have in hand all the competition you need for your race!

Virtual races are here to stay! It doesn’t matter if you are having an actual race or not. Virtual races can be offered as an option to those not able to travel for a race, or be used instead of a race.

Anyhow, we know how to make it happen!

Sport Camps

Have you tried it yet?

A sport camp on the place where an actual event will happen, or in a place centrally located and accessible, is the easiest marketing for you event!

Having a sport camp on the place of an actual race, is the perfect way to attract potential customers… Having a sport camp in a centrally located place, where everyone will be able to participate, is the best – free – marketing for your race!

Let us experts organize this for you!

Medical - Nutritional Services

This is what we call... a complete services' package!

When you need your “clients” to be served in the best possible way, you cannot leave out the medical and nutritional services!

On RaceFinder.gr we value all of our customer. Athletes, organizers and anyone else, must enjoy all the benefits a complete service has to offer! For this reason, we cooperated with the biggest medical group in Greece. Vioiatriki offers both medical and nutritional services and through our cooperation, you can offer these services to your clients too!

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