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15th Limassol Marathon 2023

18-19/03/2023 15th Limassol Marathon 2023 18 & 19/3/2023 Limassol Marathon, Cyprus Information - registrations

D-Day Landings Marathon 2022

05/06/2022 Start Time: 9:10 a.m. Number of Places: 3,000 The D-Day Landings Marathon (also known as the Caen Marathon de la Liberte), half marathon (Le Pegasus) and 10K are all popular races. Together they make up Les Courants de la Liberte festival of races. D-Day Landings Marathon Route
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Eifel Marathon 2022

12/06/2022 Start Time: 9:00 a.m. Number of Places: Approx. 200 runners are expected to participate. The Eifel Marathon was first run in 1966. There are also accompanying ultra-marathon, half marathon and 10K races. Eifel Marathon Route The Eifel Marathon is highly regarded for its amazingly scenic route. It
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HeidelbergCement Tbilisi Marathon 2022

25/09/2022 Join HeidelbergCement Tbilisi Marathon “TbilisiMarathon” is a grand event dedicated simultaneously to establishing healthy lifestyle in Georgia and to charity contribution. The half marathon is organized by Heidelbergcement. Both amateurs and professionals can participate in the half marathon. First “TbilisiMarathon” was held on October 27,

IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz 2022

10/07/2022 IRONMAN Vitoria-Gasteiz: A good alternative to Barcelona   For all those who have been looking forward to taking part in an IRONMAN in Spain – or have not had enough with just one – there are still a few places available for the 10 July edition

Koenig Ludwig Marathon 2022

24/7/2022 24 July 2022 Start Time : TBC Number of Places : TBC As well as the Koenig Ludwig Marathon participants have the choice of a half marathon and 10K. Koenig Ludwig Marathon Route The race is half asphalt, half forest trails with much of it along the

Larnaka Marathon 2022

20/11/2022 Larnaka Marathon, Cyprus Information - registrations coming soon at

Midnight Sun Marathon 2022

18/06/2022 Start Time: 8:30 p.m. Number of Places: 1,500 The Midnight Sun Marathon, is run in the evening, with most runners finishing around midnight. However, because Tromsø is so far north these finishers will finish the race in broad daylight.   Midnight Sun Marathon Route The start and

Regensburg Marathon 2022

29/5/2022 29 May 2022 Start Time : 8:30 Number of Places : 1,000 The Regensburg Marathon, half marathon and quarter marathon are all popular races, attracting many participants every year. Regensburg Marathon Route Described by runners as beautiful and well organised, the Regensburg Marathon is also flat and

Rhein-Ruhr Marathon 2022

12/06/2022 Start Time: 8:00 a.m. Number of Places: 7,000 The Rhein-Ruhr Marathon, is one of Germany's oldest urban marathons. It first took place in 1981. Rhein-Ruhr Marathon Route The route is made up of one full circuit. The surface is very flat and runners have a good chance

Sea of Galilee Tiberias International Marathon 2022

9 December 2022 Start Time : 7:25 a.m. Number of Places : Approximately 1,000 runners are expected to participate. The Sea of Galilee Tiberias International Marathon was first run in 1977. There is also a half marathon and a popular 10K race. Tiberias International Marathon Route The race

Stockholm Marathon 2022

04/06/2022 Start Time : 12:00 Number of Places : 18,000 The Stockholm Marathon has been running since 1979. The inaugural race had 2,000 runners, but now has room for 18,000 participants. Stockholm Marathon Route The race takes in much of the city of Stockholm, starting and finishing at