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Health Services

Ensure the best condition of yours!

Take a medical exam and be sure you are in your best condition! RaceFinder.gr secured the best prices for you!

Nutrition Services

Your own nutrition program!

Experienced professionals of Bioiatriki+, will create the right nutrition program for you, according to your special needs!       

Ergometric test

What is your anaerobic threshold?

This and many more information, you can get only from an ergometric test!                          

Health Services

Young male psysician with patient measuring blood pressure

Check your health regularly. This is crucial, no matter if you are young or old, athletic or not. Through our collaboration with Bioiatriki Healthcare Group, we have managed to get the best prices for checking in depth the one organ whose health is important for optimum athletic performance, endurance and longevity – the heart.

Take a stress test, a triplex exam, a cardiovascular exam or an overall heart health check-up. This service is offered to all those interested, or even as a gift for your loved ones!

Nutrition services

Smiling couple spending time together in the kitchen at home

You don’t need to be concerned with your weight in order to treat yourself with a diet plan tailored to your body needs, schedule and preferences.

Benefit from our offer and get optimum nutrition consultation by the experienced Bioiatriki+ Nutrition scientific team and receive as a present the Biomed Nutri exams

BIOMED NUTRI exams in detail

Ergometric services


With respect to every athlete’s needs towards optimizing endurance and performance in sports, we have collaborated with the Ergometric Center of Bioiatriki Healthcare Group, namely Bioiatriki+ Fitness.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group has upgraded its services, combining diagnostic testing, nutritional support and ergometric services for all and especially for athletes, with the aim of promoting a holistic health screening approach and ultimately a better quality of life. All ergometric services offered aim on improving athletic performance and well-being.