Race Announcement 

The municipality of Agios Nikolaos,  announces SUP, OWS and Aquathlon races, as well as other parallel sports and cultural activities on July 10-11 2021, which will take place in Agios Nikolaos, Crete. The relevant – official announcement and details for the SUP race, will be published separately.

Races Schedule

Friday 9th of July 2021

Attendance of athletes, escorts, spectators
Pasta party 

SUP Races

Saturday 10th of July 2021

15 km SUP starting from Plaka beach – Spinalonga
4 km Fun SUP starting from Havania beach

Sunday 11th of July 2021

Sprint SUP with start and finish at Lake Agios Nikolaos
Technical SUP with start and finish in the Lake of Agios Nikolaos

OWS Races

Saturday 10th of July 2021

10 km Open Water Swimming starting at the beach at Mylos
4 km Open Water Swimming starting from Havania beach

Sunday 11th of July 2021

2 km Open Water Swimming with start and finish at Lake Ag. Nikolaou
1 km Open Water Swimming with start and finish at Lake Ag. Nikolaou

Aquathlon race

Saturday 10th of July 2021

Aquathlon (500m swimming & 5km city run) with start and finish on the lake of Agios Nikolaos


Award categories for OWS / Aquathlon:

General category of men and women
Age categories
General category of men and women wetsuit


M1 MEN 18-29 years old (any younger ages are awarded separately)

M2 30-39 years old

M3 40-49 years old

M4 50-59 years old

M5 60-69 years old

M6 70+ years old


W1 WOMEN 18-29 years old (any younger ages are awarded separately)

W2 30-39 years old

W3 40-49 years old

W4 50-59 years old

W5 60-69 years old

W6 70+ years old

The organizer holds the right to shorten the groups, should the registrations per sport are less than 4 people in each group.

The 10k swimmers must have finished their race within 5 hours and the 4k within 2h 30m.


 Entry fees

Early booking  Late booking
10km OWS  € 45  € 65
4km OWS  € 25  € 45
2km OWS  € 20  € 40
1km OWS  € 15  € 30
500m swim & 5km city run  € 25  € 45

Registrations start: 4/6/2021

Closing of early bird participations: 21/6/2021 1/7/2021

Closing of registrations: 6/7/2021

The participation of each athlete is completed by filling out the electronic registration form and upon completion of the on-site payment using a card (credit or debit).

General rules

An electronic timing will be available at the event. Participants who do not confirm their participation before the start of each race will not be considered in the final results. Also, if an athlete does not wear his number or does not wear the event´s swimming cap, he will not be eligible to participate. The electronic timing chip is mandatory, which in case the participant wears a wetsuit, should be worn over the wetsuit.

For the distance of 10km as well as 4km, it is mandatory to use a swimming buoy, which all swimmers must bring with them or buy through the site of RaceFinder.gr

Amendment of the proclamation

The organizers reserves the right to modify this announcement and for any change there will be timely information for the athletes (event site, facebook page, e-mail to those already registered).

The event will set a maximum number of entries per event – a number that will be announced at the starting of the registrations – in which priority will be given to those who have completed their registration early.

Medical examination of participants & Medical coverage

The medical condition and the participation of the athletes in the event is purely their responsibility. The organizers are obliged to provide medical assistance to an emergency medical event during the races in collaboration with a medical team.

A prerequisite for participation in the event is that the athletes’ have been checked by a specialized doctor and he has confirmed their good medical and physical condition. The above is proven for each person with a doctor’s certificate (physician-cardiologist, general practitioner).

Participation in the event is possible only for adults by submitting a statement by the participant and the necessary supporting documents.

The participation in the event for minors is approved only with the submission of the relevant application signed by the guardians/ parents of the minor which will be accompanied by a medical certificate or a copy of sports card signed by a club doctor and a responsible statement of participation signed by their guardians/ parents.

The organizers are responsible for the appointment and presence of a specialized doctor during the event, in collaboration with the public health organization. The presence of a doctor at the event is certified by the judge before the start of the event, who is obliged not to start or stop the event if there is no doctor.

Health protocols

The organizer as well as the participants are obliged to observe the health protocols, about which all the participants will be informed by personal correspondence.