It doesn’t matter how good you think you know your body! The right figures will give you the right information on how to work out and take advantage of specific aspects!

Get these information, from the ones who know the best! Just a visit in Bioiatriki+, the brand new ergometric center, will help you understand why this is the right place to be, for all people who practise any kind of a sport! The contemporary machines which you will find nowhere else, along with the specialists’ knowledge and experience, will help you understand where you body is and how you will reach your ultimate goals!

Benefit from the unique prices that secured for you!

Within 24 hours from your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with all the necessary paperwork, to book your appointment and present to Bioiatriki´s reception.


Exam type Price Cart
VO2 max 40.00

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Basic Metabolic Rate (BMR) 35.00

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Αnaerobic threshold 15.00

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3D Body Analysis 45.00

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