The Olympic Marathon in co-operation with the Region of Western Greece organizes the 6th Olympics Marathon on Sunday, March 29th.

The aim of the event is to give the runners of our country and abroad the opportunity to compete in the marathon distance at the place where the Olympic Spirit was born.

At the same time they will develop around the organization of cultural and other events with the aim of involving the local community of Ilia Prefecture and promoting it at all levels.


Distance: 42,195 m.
Date: Sunday 29 March 2019
Start: Elida (Amaliada)
Finish: Ancient Olympia
Start time: 8:30 am
Time limit: 6 hours

A path full of energy!

At water stations, runners will be able to enjoy isotonic, Natural Mineral Water and energy gels, thus acquiring the hydration and energy needed to continue their quest. . The water stations will be located at the following locations: 5th km, 10th km, 15th km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 34km, 36km, 39km. and in Termination.
While bananas will be awaited for nutrition and immediate recovery after they are finished.

The Red Cross Samaritan (Amaliada branch) will be along the route but also ready to intervene if needed, along with more than 400 volunteers.
With all of the above and of course with the valuable help of Traffic we will ensure that you enjoy a safe race.

Description of the route

The route starts from Ag. Athanasiou in Amaliada and in particular on Ermou street to drive through Ant. Petralia, Smyrna and Riga Feraiou in Patras Pyrgos EO. It continues passing from the Tower to Ancient Olympia through the EO of Olympia Arch Tower to reach Ancient Olympia in front of the Town Hall.

Right to participate

Men and women who have reached the age of 18 may participate in the race. All participants must have recently undergone medical examinations and be perfectly healthy to participate in the race.

Enrollment period
The deadline for registrations is set for Friday, March 20, for both individual and group registrations. Until then the payment of the participation fee must have been made.

Personal registrations – Cancellation policy
All interested parties must fill in the required fields with their details in the online registration form and accept the conditions for participation in the race. Then he will have to pay the fee for the race and then his registration will be completed. (Note: Any bank charges incurred when paying the entry fee are solely borne by the participant. Otherwise the registration will not be considered valid).It is explicitly stated that no record transfers will be made for any reason.If one cursor uses someone else’s number it will be canceled and not included in the results.

If a participant fails to participate in the race, he / she will be entitled to a refund of the deposit if he / she declares it up to 3 weeks prior to the race.

Important guidelines for your participation:

You should ask for your registration number at the Secretariat of the Ilia Regional Unit in Pyrgos, Manolopoulou 47 on Saturday 28 March (10:00 – 19:00). Participation packages will also be available from the start of the race.

ATTENTION: To receive your participation package, you must submit your participation confirmation email, either your proof of payment, or your own identification document (including a photocopy of the document), or the cursor for which you will receive the package. of his participation.
Prizes – Awards

Special prizes will be awarded to the first 3 winners and winners of the overall rankings and to all age categories every 5 years. All runners will have the opportunity to be informed of their position in the overall gender and age category.

All who finish will receive the commemorative medal of the race and will be able to print the commemorative diploma electronically.

Special prizes will be given:

to the first resident of the prefecture of Ilia
the oldest runner in any race
in the most crowded team in each match (among those who have teamed up)
the first and the first runners-up will receive a special prize from the Vassilakos family as well as a special plaque that will receive the second and third winners

Electronic timing

The race will be timed by MyLaps (the company responsible for timing the classic Athens marathon and 80 more races across Greece).

Benefits of the simple package

All marathon participants, regardless of the package they choose, will receive the following:

Attendance number with timing chip and pins

Backpack for placing his personal belongings

Commemorative Medal

Water and fruit at the finish

Power along the route

Ability to print a commemorative diploma with its name and title

Health coverage

Transfer to start-up from the Tower and Ancient Olympia to Ilida (Amaliada).
Note: The organizers must have been informed prior to the registration.

Sponsors gifts and benefits

Complete package

The full package also includes the commemorative technical t-shirt of the race.

Participation fee

The cost of participation is as follows:

Simple package: 15 €
Full package: 20 €
Unemployed students *: 8 €

* A student pass or unemployment card must be provided upon receipt of the participation package.

Group registrations

Group registrations should designate the leader of each team who will be its exclusive representative on any issue regarding the participation of its members in the program matches. The leader of each team must, through the registration platform, complete the respective fields for each member while being responsible for the correctness of the data. In order to be considered a group registration, the number of its members must exceed 10 persons.

Group registrations will have an additional discount of 2 € / person (discounts do not work cumulatively eg in the case of students and unemployed).

For this race we are acting as intermediates! This means that we do not have the exclusivity for the race’s registrations and we charge you a small fee for our services. The organizer will receive your registration though our system and you will receive both ours and the organizer’s registration receipts! In the case that registrations are closed or any other problem appears, we will return the registration fee back to you (minus the service fee). In the case that the race is cancelled, the race organizer will be responsible for the fee handling. 

Ticket Type Price Cart
6th Olympia Marathon - Full Marathon + T-shirt 21.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Full Marathon Basic 16.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Full Marathon Basic Unemployed/Student 9.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Half Marathon 21km + T-shirt 16.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Half Marathon 21km Basic 13.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Half Marathon 21km Basic Student / Unemployed 9.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Iliada 12km + T-shirt 16.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Iliada 12km Basic 13.50

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6th Olympia Marathon - Iliada 12km Basic Unemployed / Student 9.50

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