For information and participation kindly phone at 210-6856410 and 210-6821975.

5900m route:

2300m route:

ROUTE: This is a 5900m night race. starting and ending in the central square of our city. At the same time, hikers (non-racing) are allowed to walk part of the route for 2300m. and end at the point of departure. On the route, the participating runners start from the Central Square (Eleftheroton – Agios Nikolaos) and run a 600m circular route. around the central square of Chalandri and then run a circular route totaling 2650m. for two (2) times.

The route is characterized as a mixed surface route. Along the way participants will have the opportunity to run inside the creek, as well as along the side zone crossing very beautiful landscapes.

DATE OF PROCESSING: Sunday 22/12/2019



5900m. Men – Women



2300m. Free Participation


RACE 5900m: Fifty (55 ‘) minutes (beyond this limit, runners run without the support of the event). The same time limit applies to the walkers.

STARTING / ENDING PLACE: Central Halandri Square (Eleftherotes Square).



This is a race with 80% asphalt and 20% dirt.

The roads that the race actually crosses are:

(Startup) -Gas

(Left) -Andrea Papandreou

(Left) -Kolokotron

(Left) – Vassilis Georgiou (First Small Circle) (Left) – Andrea Papandreou (Right oblique crossing of Penteli and St. George) – Herod Atticus (Left) – Kanatsouli (Right) – K.Varnali

(Right) – Athos Diakos paved road

(Right) – Paved meadow pedestrian street

(Left) – REMIABLE DISTRIBUTION (Left) – Paved Forest Road

(Left) – Dafnidos

(Left) – Prof. Elias

(Left) – K.Varnali (Right) – A.Gakin

(Right) – Kolokotroni

(Left) – N. Georgiou (First Big Circle)

The First Great Circle is repeated once more.



The Organizing Committee will only accept Entries by completing the online form at the link below

The entry form will allow you to choose either a running race or a walking track and only one of them. By submitting the completed application for participation in the race, the participant fully accepts the terms of the race in accordance with the notice.

The link to the online form will also be found on the following website at,

Entries for all competitions must be submitted by Sunday 15/12/2019 at 24:00.

At the end of the registration process you will be given a unique registration code (not a registration number) which automatically means that the registration is successful.

Any application submitted beyond the deadline will not be considered valid.

Beyond the limit of one thousand (1,000) participants for both routes, the Organizing Committee will not accept further registrations, regardless of the deadline for submission.

Entries on race day will not be accepted. Please, runner friends, fill in all the details on the applications to facilitate the work of the organizing authority.

For any information do not hesitate to contact the Directorate of Sports of the Municipality of Halandri at 210-6856410 and 210-6819350, e-mail:

Participation right:

All men and women born until 2007 (aged 12 and over) have the right to participate in the running race. All men and women born until 2010 have the right to participate in the dynamic power race.

If the runner is under 18 years of age, the entry form must be signed by the parent / guardian.

It is necessary to emphasize that all racers of all ages should have recently been examined by a qualified Physician, as they are racing at their sole responsibility of parents / guardians.

Sports Record Registration and Distribution Center:

The distribution of the sports material (participation number, electronic meter) will take place on Saturday 21/12/2019 from 10:00 to 20:00 and on Sunday 22/12/2019 from 9:00 to 15:00 in the Central Square of Halandri at a special place designed by the organizing authority.

The Organizing Authority for the day of the Race has provided a special storage area for runners’ clothing. (Central KEP Halandri)


Any bypass or shortcut to the route is prohibited. In addition, it is necessary for the runners to understand and serve each other both before and after the race, but especially during the race. Individual runners and teams of runners must respect their fellow athletes, not interfere with their efforts, and prevent the race from going smoothly. Any not specified in the notice will be regulated by the technical director of the event.

Modification of Routes and Rules of Procedure:

The Organizing Authority has the right to modify the Race Routes and the Rules of Procedure, as well as to suspend or postpone the race if deemed necessary and always for the safety and better service of the runners.

Timing-Participation Number:

Rematias Halandri Night Racing will be supported by an Electronic Timing System.

All racers must race, with the Participation Number placed prominently in their clothing.

The trekking route will not be supported by electronic timing, but will normally be given numbers of different colors from the running race. The walkers are also obliged to wear their number in a prominent position to facilitate the organizing authority.

Health Coverage:

Runners / walkers participating in the Race must undergo full medical examination prior to their participation, at their own risk.

On race day, there will be health coverage at the Start-Stop area and along the route from Doctors – Nurses and Volunteer Rescuers.

Prizes – Awards:

The medal and cup will be awarded to the first overall winner and winner.

The 2nd and 3rd victory medals will be awarded to the 2nd and 3rd place winners and winners respectively.

Memorial Diplomas and Medals of Participation will be given to all who finish the race.

The medals and diplomas will be awarded after the finish line, in a specially designed area, to the point where the flow of the Race is not obstructed.


After the end of each race, the results of the first three runners (Men – Women) will be announced immediately.

The official results of all the runners who participated in the races, after being edited by the Electronic Timers, will be announced at as well as other Sports Interesting sites.

Age Match Categories:

There will be a General Classification without solar categories.


The Organizing Authority is responsible for providing information to any Media (in terms of organization) with interviews, press releases and photographic material. The responsible department is the Press Office of the Municipality of Chalandri. For any additional information, clarification and communication issues, the Directorate of Sport and Education of the Municipality of Chalandri is designated.

Participants agree that their personal data is provided to third parties for the purpose of timing, compiling a list of results, and publishing it online. The participant’s personal data, provided as part of the application process, will be stored and used for purposes solely related to the conduct of the race. Upon requesting a participant, he agrees that his data is processed for the purposes of the race. Any other processing of the participant’s personal data shall be made only with the consent of the data subject for the particular purpose stated.

Participants agree that their personal data is provided to the Insurance Company with which the organizing authority cooperates in the course of the race in order to insure them in the event of an accident during the race.

Participants in the event consent to the use of their image obtained during the event by the organizers, sponsors or other contributors to the event for the purposes of publicity and future viewing, without any right to full or partial compensation for this purpose.


Volunteers are one of the most important contributors to a successful sporting event. By participating as volunteers in the Rematia night race you gain an important experience and at the same time contribute to the safe and successful running of the race.

Interested parties will be able to contact the Department of Sport Education & N.Genias at 210-6856410 and 210-6821975 for information and applications.


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