You can certainly benefit from nutrition consultation whether you are exercising or not. As a matter of fact, you need a nutritionist by your side if you are athletic, if you feel you are lacking energy, if you have health issues, if you are not sleeping well or not performing well at work or in the field, even if food and cooking ain’t your forte!

Bioiatriki group has always offered the highest quality services, in combination with the most contemporary machines. TANITA is one of them and in Bioiatriki+ it is used for the detailed analysis of the body composition.

Nutrition also plays a vital role in achieving our goals! Certainly, it is not always easy to eat the right foods or we may not even know which the right foods are! In Bioiatriki+, experts prepare nutritional plans, based on the unique needs of each person, but also on their taste! In this way, we are able to learn to eat properly and adopt good habits from which we will benefit from even after the end of our nutrition plans!

Benefit from our offer and get optimum nutrition consultation by the experienced Bioiatriki+ Nutrition scientific team we are collaborating with, to improve your health, nutrition status and quality of life.As with all our services, this one is available to everyone.

With every purchase of a package of 3 or more visits, you will receive for free the BIOMED NUTRI blood exams. The exams in detail, can be seen by clicking here.

Within 24 hours from your purchase, you will receive an e-mail with all the necessary paperwork, to book your appointment and present to Bioiatriki´s reception.

Choose the right option for you:

Choose your plan Final Price Cart
Body composition analysis / Fat measurement with TANITA 19.00

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1 Fat Measurement with TANITA + 1 Personalized Nutritional Plan 35.00

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3 Fat Measurements with TANITA + 3 Personalized Nutritional Plans 105.00

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4 Fat Measurements with TANITA + 4 Personalized Nutritional Plans 130.00

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6 Fat Measurements with TANITA + 6 Personalized Nutritional Plans 150.00

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