Corona (not the beer) and sports!

Yes, things are hectic. Yes, you’ve lost your motivation to compete, you’ve put on some weight, you’ve kinda lost your physical condition and… well… money is an issue…

We are all there! Even if you don’t hear your sport buddies mentioning their state, I’m telling you… We are all on the same page. Struggling to convince ourselves that things will get better, that things will change. But hang in there… one baby step at a time… run a bit today. Don’t run tomorrow if you don’t feel like it. Run again the day after, or just go for a walk, by the beach or on the mountain. Try to find again all the things that motivated you a year ago! Relive them, find your favorite sports photos and focus on the “prize”! The prize of where you want to be, again! The prize of making it happen once again!

If you are on the other side, listen to your friends… You are obviously the strong one and we need people like you! Supporters! Doers! People to look up to! 

Here, in we know how things are. Things are not easy for us too… We just wanted to let you know, we are here, we are listening to you and through our virtual races, through our calendar full of future races, we are trying to make you remain positive while we are trying to maintain our positiveness too!

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