Strength training exercises are just as important as aerobics to maintain health and longevity. This at least proves the findings of a survey of 80,000 adults. The findings of a new extensive study confirm the already existing knowledge of the relationship between exercise and longevity. Only this study in a sample of 80,000 adults comes

1283 Jon-Erik Kawamoto, CSCS, CEP August 29, 2018 •  5 min read 1.618:1. While you may not be a mathematician, you should know this ratio. Otherwise known as the “Golden Ratio,” it’s an arrangement of two numbers or measurements where the relationship between a and b is the same as a+b is to a. That may sound

Matthew Kadey, MS, RD August 29, 2018 •  4 min read Every day, millions of people toss the equivalent of a multivitamin in the trash. It happens every time someone slices off those extra bits of vegetables and throws them a compost pile, or just throws them away, period. When they do, they’re throwing away some serious

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