Science Speaks: Push-ups and abs exercises save lives!

Science Speaks: Push-ups and abs exercises save lives!

Strength training exercises are just as important as aerobics to maintain health and longevity. This at least proves the findings of a survey of 80,000 adults.

The findings of a new extensive study confirm the already existing knowledge of the relationship between exercise and longevity. Only this study in a sample of 80,000 adults comes to shed light on the correlation of empowerment exercises with life expectancy.

As Emmanuel Stamatakis, lead author of the research, emphasizes, despite focusing on the benefits of strength training exercises in aging, little attention has been paid to the impact of exercise on mortality. Mr. Stamatakis, who works as an associate professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, summarizes the findings of the largest study ever conducted with this subject: “The study shows that exercise that promotes muscle strength may be just as important for health with aerobic activities such as jogging or cycling. ”

By comparing the mortality results of the different types of exercise, the research concluded that the risk of premature death for people on a systematic basis declined by 23%, while deaths related to cancer decreased by 31%.


Today, the World Health Organization’s guidelines for physical exercise talk about 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week, as well as two days of muscular strength training each week.

As Mr Stamatakis emphasizes, governments and public health authorities have neglected to introduce and promote guidelines to encourage the general population to exercise. “The message to date has just been to move, but this study is expected to trigger a review of the recommendations to include more forms of exercise”.

The weight of the body is enough

Contrary to what most people believe, muscle strength is not just about weightlifting in a gym. Conversely, exercises without the use of special equipment may prove to be equally beneficial. In most, exercises with the body’s weight are equally effective. The abdomen, push-ups, deep seating and other exercises that strengthen the muscular system are easy and easy choices for everyone.

This is also confirmed by research in the study just published in the American Journal of Epidemiology. “Any strength-enhancing exercise using body weight, which can be performed in any environment without equipment, has absolutely comparable results to activities performed in the gym.”


So what do we do? We integrate exercise into our everyday life. Twenty abdominals and so many push-ups every time we sit down to watch television and twenty deep seats every time we get up from the couch.

If we repeat it three times a week and gradually four or five, the (visible) results will not be late. We also hope for the invisible results, but as science says, we will obey.

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